Monday, January 09, 2006

Today was a sucess! KittyCat has slept, and slept well. We've got her napping again and back on a good bedtime schedule. Tonight for dinner I made homemade mac n cheese cassarole, and it was well-received.

On a sober note, the Boy's deployment may be moved up significantly. This is causing no small worry on my part, mostly a vague anxiety. While I don't have the concerns that I had last time he was gone for a long time- there are some new ones. It's going to be an awfully long time on one hand, and not that long on the other hand. I'll write more on this later. I don't want to get all choked up on it tonight.

Tomorrow I get to go and get new contacts~ I am all excited about it. My baby girl won't be trying to pull my glasses off my face with her drooly little hands (as much) after tomorrow. Plus, my peripheral vision is really a lot better when I'm wearing contacts, and I'll be able to wear sunglasses when outside and driving. Now that the days are going to get longer again and I'm driving in the sunshine, this is of great importance.

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