Saturday, January 07, 2006

Went to the quilt shop today, and it brought back so many good memories of childhood. There was a 50% off sale on flannel, and I bought a bunch for the preemies. Tonight I think I'll be able to cut out and sew up a bunch of blankies. The three of us -Grammy, Mommy, and KittyCat- had a lot of fun wandering all over the downtown area. As Grammy pointed out, it's a lot like the town she grew up in. If that town had palm trees and was flat.

It's a very nice area, overall. I'm so glad she's finally here. I took a nap yesterday afternoon and again this morning, and it was AMAZING. I closed my eyes and burrowed under the pillows and quilts, and every muscle I have as well as some I didn't know I had relaxed at once. An hour later I woke up, feeling as though I'd slept for three hours. What's the difference? Mama's here. She fixes everything.

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