Sunday, May 14, 2006

how stupid is this? I'm getting all ready to wake up in a snit because I didn't get a Happy Mother's Day well-wishing from the boy. Maybe he fell down the p-way and broke a leg or something, thus preventing him from giving me an email. My whole life I laughed at the women who seemed to revolve their entire lives around such hallmark holidays. The ones who got depressed and pissed without a card or a box of candy, or some other special mark of the day.

This Mother's Day is our second since becoming parents. Last year it was bittersweet, and my girl was still so fragile that she could only come out of her warming bed for five minutes at most. But my first mother's day seemed special like the day I was a bride. I was slightly off center stage, the supporting actress, and everybody was wishing me well. Especially given the circumstances.

He's not going to remember mother's day. I won't get any acknowledgement of it from him. Because it's just not going to occur to him to do anything about it.

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