Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I need to be putting the clean dishes away and the dirty ones in the dishwasher. Am I? No.

I need to be prepping dinner so that I can spend the rest of the afternoon comfortably with feet up, drinking water, and not losing my lunch. Am I? No.

Is my daughter still shrieking happily in her crib despite it being Well Past her naptime? Yes. Do those shrieks richochet through my aching head? Yes. Do I feel like I'm playing twenty questions with myself rather than posting anything meaningful today? You betcha.

Seriously though, our nap schedules are thrown off by the presence (welcome) of Grammy. She is a wonderful present for all of us. She is bright, and happy to be here, and a New Toy for Tiff to crawl over and giggle with. She gives me oodles of much-needed hugs on a daily basis. This makes it okay that naps are being thrown by the wayside.

Father's Day will have a present this year. It will even have a Father at home to enjoy it. This is a happy thing; it makes up for so much else that has seemed to go wrong this spring. And look, wow, there's going to be twice as much fun this time next year.

Dinner tonight: Shepherd's Pie. Without the alphabet soup.

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