Tuesday, June 05, 2007

when I was a kid I loved looking up at the stars. I knew one constellation well enough to pick it out, and to this day I keep looking for it when I go out at night. Moving out to the country has gotten rid of most of the ambient light making it next to impossible to see stars.

Another thing I loved was looking through books of planets and stars. The pictures were always so colorful. Different from the normal daytime world around me. It was fun to think that these things were out there, and if only my eyes were better I could figure out how to use a telescope and see them too.

I just found out about Meade MySky. It's doing for stargazing what the digital camera did for the picture-taking-challenged. (Don't know about you, but I find it hard to take a good picture without having my thumb in the frame, or cutting off what I'm trying to take the picture of...) Digital cameras fix that. So the Meade MySky has the cool LCD screen to see the picture on, GPS to make it easier to identify what you're seeing, and they include a sky map.

It's a step further than the hand-held telescope. It's easier to use, the results are more amazing. I find it... worthy of a mention.
meade telescopes

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