Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I thought I was getting off too lightly when I finished giving a yellow specimen at the lab and walked away. A few hours later my cell phone rang. "This is HM1. Um. Did you forget to get the rest of your bloodwork drawn?"

Damn. They found me. So back to the lab I went. 6 sticks of blood and a bottle of gatorade later I'm free again. Picked up the Boy, the family all went out to dinner, and fast forward to this morning.

So I know I have crappy veins. This has always made labwork "Interesting". In the multiple attempts to find a) a vein that works b) a vein that they can find and access and c) a vein that will not blow out the tube halfway through the procedure. I am very happy with HM1. Ecstatically happy. Not only did he find a winner first try, but there's not a mark on my arm this morning. Very cool. Cool enough to offset the crazy little blond-haired terror who's bringing me paper after paper after book after stuffed animal this morning. And how does one read a stuffed animal? Carefully. And with lots and lots of giggles.

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