Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I was sifting through the Net again and idly wondering exactly what was all about. I've seen them here and there, on tv ads and internet ads and never really got into it since I don't tend to book hotels that much. There are times, though, when even the most devoted stay at home person gets curious to see just how much money it would take to do stuff. To book a room on the other side of the country for a week. How easy is it these days, to make all your reservations with one click and to just get up and go?

Pretty easy, apparantly.

To make my standard trip East to Albany NY, there are more options than I would have thought. For a "good" flight out of Fresno and a B&B in a good area would run this family about 2300. One click brings up a variety of car rentals that I could add in. One click brings up the local theme parks and museums. Hey, I could handle this. If I had the money, this site actually makes traveling pretty damn easy. Also found on the site? Sale prices. For some of the hotels they can knock off an extra percentage, depending on the day of the week, the time of day, the phases of the moon on jupiter- alright, maybe that last one was a bit over the top. But hey, how do I know? I haven't a clue how the sale prices work out. All I know is that if I ever have that kind of money for a vacation trip, this is the site I want to use. Everything is laid out, photos are good, the hotels and vacation properties are what I would expect. Also, and this is a big extra also in my book, the site makes planning a trip with a toddler and an infant look less threatening than a lot of other options.

Cheap Hotels

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