Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Boy is off in Sonoma this weekend, working at something or other at Nascar. This, despite the fact he's not a Nascar fan, or a sport fan, or even close. What he is a fan of is escaping the office. He also, despite my failure to understand, a fan of camping. So the chance to sleep in a tent on the ground really made him fight to be allowed to go on this duty. Yep. It's official Navy business. Whatever he's doing there.

This morning as I sent him on his way with twelve bottles of beer and an airbed I reflected on the whole "away" concept. I've been getting incredibly spoiled lately, having him home every night. Every night except one (sleep study) he's been laying next to me. And now I'm not entirely sure I'm sorry to see him go off again. Sure, I love him. Perhaps it's that I'm completely secure in that as only a wife to someone who travels frequently can be. I know that I can handle anything that comes up here. I know that he trusts me to do that. I know that I can trust him no matter what situation comes up, whether he be lonely or tempted or drunk. I know that this trust is shared by many women who never have to wave their husbands off for a week. I think we're really lucky.

To celebrate the Girls' Weekend now upon us, the Toddler has given up all pretense at napping. She's exhausted. She knows it. We know it. She refuses to sleep. Well, it will happen soon now I think. She'll fall over on her side, naked butt in the air, and be fast asleep until morning.

I am truly sorry for the lack of humor this week. I have been growing the Little Bit. He demands much Toilet Time with mommy every day, and I've been spending large portions of the afternoon and evening trying to keep food down.

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