Monday, July 03, 2006

feels like a munday

Well, at least it started out that way. Now all of a sudden my mothers are here and have taken over with Tiffany, and I've been temporarily given a vacation. I'm not complaining just yet. When I'm done here I'm going to have lunch. By Myself. Without a small person gnawing on my kneecap. oooh. I must have done something right recently.

Tonight is the Gestational Birthday Party, complete with tiki torches and hawaiin leis. And grass skirts. As you might surmise, it's a luau theme. I don't know how it happened, I was on the other side of the country when this was planned. I'm trying to keep my nose out of it, and will have a wonderful time.

And if this Tired Toddler decides to be up with Mommy trying to play every two hours tonight, she may end up being shipped priority mail to her Daddy, who will be informed that it's His turn now to get up with her in the middle of the night.

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