Friday, July 07, 2006

there I was, ravioli in my hair and entering a second childhood

When I was young and my mom babysat for my cousin Emil, she would often read us stories and fill in our names for the names of the characters. One of the favorites at the time was the Tale of Two Bad Mice. When I was reading to Tiff this afternoon we got to that story, and I automatically started saying "the Tale of Emil T. and Mary E." And then it hit me. Now that he's a proud daddy, is he going to start remembering this sort of thing? I wonder if he'll do the name switch for his little girl. Him and I are, of course, too mature and grownup to be two bad mice.

Our daughters, however, are not.

oooh, I know what I'm getting her for Christmas this year. The tale of Kathryn M. and Tiffy A.

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