Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Review

I'm taking a dive back into Terry Pratchett this week. The blend of comic satire and really funny stuff is perfect for lightening my mood and keeping my frame of mind perfectly in harmony with vacation time. And isn't summer vacation the time for reading? Let us not let our brains turn to mush with endless repetitions of the same plot with crappy dialogue and stale humor. At least, not without a good reason for doing so.

Thud! was a very good read. So good that the stanzas of "Where's My Cow?" have gone through my brain nearly every day since I first picked it up last year. I've even ordered the spinoff picture book of "Where's My Cow" for Tiffany. My evil plan is to evesdrop on her Daddy reading that to her when he comes back home. I picked it up again on impulse at the local library because I knew it was good, it was THAT good, and I wanted an easy read that wouldn't strain any of those brain muscles late at night. I have to admit, it was even better than I remembered. That doesn't happen often for me.

So pick up your own copy and settle in for some laughs. It's worth it.


La Última Vaquera said...

I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan. I got Where Is My Cow for my girl, but I don't read it to her because I don't want her to rip it up - it's too special! I know it well though and can usually recite it to her. Hack, gack, ptui!

La Última Vaquera said...

BTW, you'll know me as possum.