Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Book Review

For this week I read "Help! I'm being intimidated by the Proverbs 31 woman!". Otherwise known as That Woman. It was a really funny book and helped me clarify the things that I should stop fussing over.

I'm not going to be a perfect wife or mother. I'm just human. Everybody here is human, and we've all made mistakes, and if we're REALLY REALLY fortunate we'll never see those mistakes on the 6 o'clock news or the Jerry Springer show. At least, that's my constant prayer when I look down at my toddler's big blue eyes and realize that Um, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING when I thought that motherhood was such a great option.

It is, though. She's still in the Mommy is God stage, and I hate to disillusion her of it but we're going to have to at some point. Otherwise I'm going to have a very critical sitdown with the priest after Sunday School one of these years.

Take joy in your imperfections. They mostly just irritate me, but I'm trying to see the bright part in them. They make me who I am. They make me more loveable than Martha Stewart's Public Image. Best of all, it's why my Boy fell in love with me and continues to do so on a regular basis.

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