Friday, June 30, 2006

nothing but blue skies

It has been a gorgeous day, proving once again that even SouthEastern PA in late June/early July is one of the most beautiful summery places in my life. The smells, the sounds, everything on the street where I spent my first summers are familiar and sing to me fully of home. I've slipped back into my childhood like it should have been. Like I'm putting on an old sweater and a pair of jeans that are fit for nothing but rags.

This time, I get to share it with a giggly girl. This time, I'm the grownup. This time around everything is still bright and sunny. The pessimist in me asks how long before I cry; I'm telling her to shut up and go away. I don't want to think those thoughts right now. I want to feel young again. I want to turn my face up to the cloudless sky and get a sunburn. It's good for the soul.

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Merry Mama said...

thanks for the chinup.