Monday, August 27, 2007

Battle of the Nap, revisited.

For those of you following the eternal struggle of a Toddler not to nap, she struggled her way awake through the night and greeted us with a cheerful burbling around 0500 this morning. So what are two sleep deprived parents to do? We changed her, dressed her, gave her a blankie and a book and popped her in the car for the morning commute. She laughed a lot. After the commute, Mommy took her to Walmart for a brief cruise by the discount baked goods counter. We picked up a lovely bag of hamburger rolls with which to make pulled pork sandwiches with real pan-dripping gravy for dinner tonight. We came home, had breakfast and Tubbies, played a bit, and then the Gram woke up. Second breakfast was consumed. Shortly thereafter the Toddler crawled into my lap and suffered herself to be rocked and sung to, at which point her eyes finally closed.

Currently there is peaceful slumber from the nursery. It's 0910 and we're all tired.

Mommy 503, Toddler 0

Not that I'm keeping track or anything...

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