Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trip to the store for diapers, bread, and a helper mix for dinner. Then I wanted to have a fried chicken/salad/fruit/chip lunch. So we picked up the crab and shrimp salad, the potato chips, some fruit. And then I made a Momentous Decision. Even though money's tight this weekend, I sprung for a bucket of KFC to go with lunch. Because while the chicken at the deli is cheaper, it's not as good. I've had a real problem with supermarket chicken lately- it's either dry as a bone or over-cooked. Or greasy enough to give me problems.

KFC surprisingly does not seem greasy to me. That may just be me.

Tiff liked it a lot though, and sat on my lap happily to eat her share. Now she's in bed and I'm hoping like anything she'll settle down and take her nap soon. Mommy is just not in so much of a mood right now to be able to sit and rock her as long as it takes. Mommy is tired, and kinda sick, and looking forward to getting some serious downtime maybe with her knitting this afternoon.

Or, possibly, with the counted cross-stitch that I've started specifically for this sort of day/feeling sick enough not to move but well enough to sit upright supported by lots of pillows? I hope so. I have it sitting by the bed ready for me to jump back into it. Now I've just got to get down to working on it again.

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