Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I posted about Hotel Reservations a couple of months back and since then have heard from a few of my friends who booked with them. (thanks, you know who you are!) And what I said before holds up even more these days. Gas prices are up, airplane tickets are up, hotels are up, leading me to wonder what if anything has gone down? Well, in the past week I've started to see gas come down a bit. I'm not holding my breath anymore. Right now at Hotel Reservations they are running a rebate special, the rebate runs from $20 off a 3 night booking to $100 off a 12 night booking. This is on top of the normal wonderful customer service available, by printing the rebate form, filling it out, and submitting it (through the normal method of rebate submissions) As always, when filling out rebate forms please make sure you read the fine print and follow the instructions. This not only speeds processing time, but if you double check the instructions you can often avoid having it kicked back for "insufficient backup". Which is a nice way to say that you forgot to send the upc or original receipt.

As before the prices remain competitive. It's hard to make sure you get the best bang for your buck these days- there are so many sites that feature flashing banners and lights and generally acting like my two year old. Buy me! Reserve with me! Me, Me, ME!!! It can get annoying. Most of the discount sites all vary- they'll have a few good deals, but I always have to check around just to make sure; and two out of three times I'll end up spending the money on someone else. And with Hotel Reservations? I don't have to check fifteen other places before I know I'm getting a good deal. That's worth a lot.

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