Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Have you ever wanted to try a new sport, or brush up on skills outside of a paid lesson, and found that instructional books are difficult to learn from (at best)? Now there's a new opportunity for you. PlaySportsTV is a website devoted to providing video clips of the techniques you need to improve your game. Designed for youth sports programs and coaches, as well as for parents wanting to have an upclose view of the technique properly demonstrated, this site is fabulous. The coaches who provide the instruction and appear on the clips are all certified in their fields -check out the coach listings which show their qualifications. Also offered are sport-specific blogs by coaches and professionals, featured photos of the week, and free email newsletters to help you stay current with the field. Don't rely on ink sketches in a book to tell you how to play a sport. See it done. While many skills can be learned from the book method, sports is one of the few that I would say can only be safely learned from a combination of hands on practice and visual demonstration.

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