Monday, August 27, 2007

I am starting to think ahead to Christmas. Why, you may well ask? Well... last year we didn't do a whole lot for Christmas, and the year before we didn't, and now Tiff's old enough to finally get something out of it memory-wise. I don't want it to be about how many presents she can get. I want to instill some family togetherness into this. But still, it does involve some presents. Is it the media that tells me that I'm a bad mother if there aren't a bunch of presents under the tree? I know the Boy will also feel this way, if not more so- he never had a lot of toys at the holiday and feels the money crunch harder than I do when it comes to gift giving events. While I remind him that it's not all about the loot, it's about providing the roof over her head and the food on the table and the little things like having Tubbies on demand... it doesn't help.

When I was younger and on the East Coast I knew all about Black Friday. It was the highlight of my year. The Sales! The Crowds! The Stuff! (The Headaches, the Aching Feet!) And then I was feeling bored so I went and nosed around and found black friday which is a great way to plan your Black Friday shopping both in store and online way ahead of time. As in, far enough in advance to start putting the money away for it? Not having to put the holiday on plastic? Overstock Specials! ToysRUs sales for limited hours (like the ever-popular 9-11 time frames, designed to snarl traffic and tempers)

The site offers email alerts as well. I'm thrilled at the thought of seeing the Black Friday sales and specials before the date. I can plan my strategy. I can figure out which stores are going to let me do this from the comfort of my kitchen table, and then let me go back to sleep (shh, don't tell the Toddler!)
I can budget, plan ahead, make my lists and start daydreaming now about the look on her face when she sees a Tree. And Presents! Maybe this year she'll be able to open her own gifts.

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