Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vickie Milazzo was a RN when she came to conclusion that despite her education she was not happy. She didn't feel like she had accomplished anything, or that she could as long as things stayed the same. That's when she came across the 5 promises to unleash the 10 forces within every woman. Inside Every Woman is the book that sprang from her vision. The promises include living a passionate life, being true to yourself, and getting off the fence (otherwise known as accept or reject it outright). I've spent a lot of time in my personal life dealing with those things. Part of my anxieties stem from the inability to make up my mind on a subject while putting the alternatives to bed. I don't want to tell you everything so you don't have a reason to check out the first chapter of her book, available at

And while you're there reading the chapter, pick up a free "Inside Every Woman" bookmark by emailing your request to

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