Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day One of the rest of this pregnancy has gone fairly well. This morning's fasting sugar was good and I "treated" myself with a few bites of cantalope. When I say cantalope I do not mean that it was fresh from the produce section, although I did indeed buy it in that section. I mean rather that fun semi-dried and preserved fruit. Coated with sugar.

I know, I know, it's not good for me. But I only had a little bite, and I have been so hungry for something sweet ever since I got the results of the glucose monitoring. So very, very hungry. I'm also, this morning, very, very tired. I suspect this is partially due to having gotten up early to deal with the Toddler, and that the rest can be laid at the feet of the non-caffiene I've been consuming for the past two days. I need more Caffiene pills. Because, well, I can't drink coffee without gagging and I've come to really like the jolt from a small pill delivering the caffeine kick of 2 cups of coffee. That's like 4 cups of strong tea delivered instantly.

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