Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Going, going, gone! Sometimes I think I'm auctioning off my time to the highest bidder. That would be the one who screams the most. Writing those IOUs to myself for naps, downtime, playtime... It works all the way up until my body fights back. Maybe I should make it into a movie? I'd fill it with small fuzzy animals, handsome young men in uniform, and elephants. A lot of kids like elephants, right? It would sure be better than laying awake hours and hours, until the Boy sends me to bed early with orders to sleep. That's a little frustrating on both our parts. I understand his viewpoint; I really do. He can't just take a random day off work to help out and let me catch up on my personal shit... He can only do so much in the evening to lighten the load. It was one thing when I was pregnant, one thing when it was me and Tiff to worry about getting through another day. Now I'm pregnant again, and a mother to an active two-year-old, and I've got to stop writing those IOUs. For all our sakes.

Tonight's dinner is a vegetarian lasagna. When I get the recipe tailored to this family's abilities, I'll post the revisions over Here. Look for it tomorrow. And have a happy midweek, everyone!

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