Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Boy started participating in some weekend activities with the guys from his department, and the one that they all seem to like the best is paintball. He's consistantly come home from these things with bumps, scrapes, the occasional bruise and the trace of deeply ingrained paint on his head. On the other hand it's terrific fun. He's even started asking about getting paintball gear for himself so he "can save the rental fee" for his vest and supplies. So far this sounds like a perfect present for Christmas, or for the occasional one that I like to spring on him at odd moments.

I think I've found a great company to order his present from. Ultimate Paintball offers Tippman, Spyder, Smart Pants, Dye, Draxxus paintball gear, and lots of other high quality stuff on the website. As you all know I'm highly in favor of anything that can be ordered online, because it's avoiding a trip out of my fuzzy bunny slippers. Ultimate Paintball has the best prices I can find on these things, plus free shipping, and I know that I can trust a company that's been doing such a big business that they've expanded from the original specialty store to a site with a large warehouse- enabling them to buy in bulk from top brands and pass savings on to us?

Oddly enough (for me, who regularly loses my husband to computer strategy games) I'm looking forward to having the chance to give him this gift. Fresh air, exercise, male-bonding with the people he works with... Cool!

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