Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today has been heavy on the sponsored posts, I know. And while part of me wants to sit back and apologize to the readership for this, the part of me that has to balance the budget around here wants to jump up and down and then feel mildly sad that the fees for these are "only" five dollars or so a piece. But still... that's five dollars that wasn't there before. Usually the higher-priced opps get taken while I'm away from the screen tending to the family. Or sleeping.

Last night was a battle with the toddler who screams and likes to scream and does not stop with the screaming (not even to accept the item she's screaming for). Finally I sat here in the dark rocking her and rubbing her back and singing softly to her, secure in the knowledge that the Boy and my mom were sleeping through the whole thing. We sat in the dark for almost an hour until she exhausted herself. Upon tucking her back into bed I once again offered her the item she had wanted, and finally she took it. This is hard to accept. Harder to internalize. I have hope that tonight will be different, that she won't be quite so upset. I have all sorts of hopes and dreams. Someday one or two of them will come close to being true.

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