Friday, June 16, 2006

Am I a Prairie Muffin?

Definitely. I am so one of these women. Even though the first time I came across the site I was horrified and fascinated all at once. I couldn’t stop reading it. Then I started thinking about it. There’s a lot of points that agree with what I believe deep down. So now I’m out of the closet- I own an apron and I’m not afraid to use it. Same with my sewing machine. Same with my makeup.

Not that I wear much makeup… but what I do wear I wear almost religiously. When I worked I called it my warpaint, because once my eyeliner was on in the morning I could face anything. I never was driven to tears one time that I wore full makeup. Most days I only did my eyes- that’s all I need. Besides, if I don’t wear lipstick I can’t smudge it. And there’s this lip balm that has the Cinnabon flavor and it smells SO GOOD.

My daughter is embracing her inner kitten this morning, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. She doesn’t do it on purpose. It just hasn’t yet occurred to her that certain actions have consequences. If you crawl under a lamp and then try to stand up, it will fall over. The light bulb will break. There will be a loud noise. Mommy will shut you out of the bedroom for the rest of the day, because it’ll probably be that long before she can go in and clean up all the broken glass and vacuum.

It’s been interesting around here since she started toddlerhood. Her first steps taken holding onto my knees. Her daily routine of standing at my legs no matter where I am. The theory that Mommy can’t possibly go potty without her personal supervision. I wouldn’t trade her for all the tea in the world. I just wish that she came with a pause button so that I could halt all movement for five minutes here and there and clean up in her wake as she hurls her little body through life.

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