Friday, June 23, 2006

sticker madness

I had to go down to the base and get my department of defense stickers for the new car. I've been putting this off now for a month. At least. No real reason, I just didn't feel like it and never went. Everyone always says that the lines are so long, that you wait forever, that you'll grow old waiting for your turn through the line. So I was in and out in five minutes, tops.

My secret, you see, is to show up an hour after they open, in the week, when everybody else is supposed to be at work. It's too early for most retirees and stay at home spouses, and too late for all the poor buggers who have to punch the timeclock. There was one other car who showed up while I was there. And five strapping young men with guns who did the processing. I used to get so nervous driving down to base to do anything, because of all those strapping young men with guns. I thought they'd yell at me or something.

I guess you really can get used to anything. Now I don't even register the guns when I'm looking at them. Unless they're being pointed at someone.

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