Saturday, June 03, 2006

Finally. Last night I got off my butt after Tiff went to sleep and put her newer, toddler-friendly carseat into the car. I brought in the old one, which is still stashed next to the desk because I haven't figured out which closet I'm going to stash it in. This means that she has found it, and has decided to climb all over it. Time to Explore Our World again.

Someday I'll get motivated again. There's a list as long as my elbow of stuff that I want to get done. There's a list at least as done of stuff that I know I should get done. I want to keep this house looking semi-respectable instead of the disaster area that it's become. I never want to see it become like a certain relative's house... and I don't have half the reasons that she did for letting her house become that way.

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