Tuesday, June 20, 2006

and here we go again

Tiffany had a busy day of standing and sitting. Recently she’s discovered that she can stand up by the window in the dining room, and put her hands up on the sill for balance, and see Outside. This has caused great excitement. Excitement that can only be shown and properly displayed by wiggling her butt back and forth at great speed. If she had a tail, it would be wagging so fast that she would have wind burn.

I wonder how I ended up with a child who is determined to act like every small mammal on the planet. Maybe this isn’t that unusual. I’m betting that it’s not, that all other toddlers this age do the same thing. Something I missed out on, not being around little kids much my whole life. It’s a miracle that I wanted her so much, and am so happy at the thoughts of giving her siblings, especially if they all act like this. I’m going to raise a zoo. When I quote from Mary Poppins, “Is this a nursery or a bear pit?” I really hope that they don’t tell me it’s a bear pit. Knowing my offspring, it would be a challenge. Perhaps I should just make a pact right now to keep my mouth SHUT.

That’s not going to happen. Can you hear the Boy laughing at the very thought of this? “Silly Mary,” he’d say, kissing my forehead. “I love you.” There are days, he says, when all he can do is pat me on the head and tell me that I’m silly. If he didn’t, he’d either divorce me or kill me. And he wouldn’t want the paperwork that goes with either of those options.

We all have our little quirks. Those little insanities that make our loved ones love us, that make us unique. I wouldn’t trade my Boy or my Small Mammal for anything in the world. I just don’t want to ever wake up from this dream.

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