Saturday, June 03, 2006

Size Anxiety

Would a kick in the ass come in my size, or would I have to special order it?

While my energy levels are returning to where I wanted them to be, if not quite what I wish them to be, I find that all my new free time is spent doing lazy things rather than housework things. The house is still a mess. The kitchen still gets picked up only once a day rather than as I go, which I'd prefer. While my trash is taken out on a regular basis and laundry still manages to get done every few days, I don't vacuum as much as I would like given the small mammal that insists on eating breakfast and most of her snacks directly off the carpet.

I cleaned the kitchen floor earlier this afternoon. Despite the mopping, the floor feels very tacky right now. Maybe I didn't do it right- although I thought I did. It's hard to know exactly how much I get up off that floor unless I'm scrubbing on my hands and knees. That's the way I -hate to say 'prefer'- to do it. Even though I have a very nice mop for the purpose.

So what am I doing instead of cleaning? I'm reading. And knitting. And playing on the 'Net. Now that I feel the strength to do these things instead of merely trying to prop my eyes open long enough to keep an eye on the Munchkin, I'm gleefully spending every spare moment trying to do them. I called the doc to get my Pill refilled, and found out that they're going to be mean and make me get a pap smear this year. This, despite my entire too-pelvic exam-happy medical team of the pregnancy. Sigh. I got a healthy baby at the end of it, so that's the important thing. Got to suck it up and bite my lip and count the holes in the acoustical ceiling tiles one more time. I just so don't want to do this.

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