Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my feet could go to sleep

I am wearing the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I keep forgetting they exist, perhaps cause I never believe that I can wear them all day without falling out of them. Normally this is a problem I only have with my bras. Which I learned recently to fix by the simple matter of duct tape.

Yes, world, I duct tape my boobs into my bra about half the time. It’s an even chance every time you see me that my chest will crinkle when touched because of the taped goodness. I call it self-defense. Because I spent my yearly bra budget already this year on pretty, comfortable bras, and it’s not my fault that I fall out of them if I bend over past a certain angle.

But I saw these shoes poking out of my closet this morning and because it’s a hot day and because I intend to be kicking my shoes on and off all freaking day with the errands and such… I pulled them out and slid them on. Yes, they’re slides. Yes, they look really good on my feet and would look even better if I painted my toenails in that lovely watermelon color with the sparkles. And yes, I expect that I’ll be cursing them to hell at least twice before lunchtime.

But man, oh man… they feel good. Like big old hugs on my feet. So I’m going to suck it up today.

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