Monday, June 19, 2006

if you're crazy and you know it raise your hands

not to put too fine a point upon it, but I’m nuts. Here I sit, after a nice afternoon following a nice quiet morning. Tiffany is sound asleep. I seriously consider waking her up just to play with her cute little chubby feet, and kiss her dimpled knees. Patience! She’s gonna be awake in a few minutes anyway. Let’s not rush things.

the rest of the day is scheduled for nothing more than playing with the light of my life. We’re going to work on her sitting, her upper body strength, using those gross motor skills and fine motor skills… I’m even going to bravely put her in the highchair for her dinner tonight. Like I’ve said before, I’m having serious trouble letting go right now. Part of it, yes, is due to the incredible mess she makes when attempting to self-feed. And I know that she’s going to make a mess, and I know that she needs to do this, and I know that I need to let her do what she needs to do. That being said, the lack of her upper body skills/strength has made our attempts at this to date very frustrating on both ends. I could say that it’s a battle of wills between us. Baby do! Mommy do! Baby do! Mommy do! There are times that I can hear my mother scolding me to share and play nicely with others.

This is going to be fun. I have managed to cut our daily schedule down to practically nothing medical. That alone is worth so much. With the normalish mommy-daughter time, I am bonding more and more with this cute little bundle of joy. I can’t wait to see the joy on her face when I show her a little brother or sister.

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