Wednesday, June 28, 2006

back at the ranch

We have arrived in PA. The flood waters rise, and abate, and bridges are washed out. I see a lot of people not being idiots. They realize that the "Road Out" signs are there for a reason. Even though the flight was horribly delayed, I'm happy that it's over. The Child is finally asleep and may just let me get some real rest tonight. My head hurts.

Selective amnesia. That's what it is. The same process that keeps me from remembering in detail all the most horrid things of my life kicked in to protect me from the memory of the humidity here. The pollen. The enormous amount of creepy crawling things and blooming things that make my sinuses weld themselves shut in an effort to protect my lungs. At least, I have to assume that's what they're doing.

but we're doing good. We're doing real good right now. Bring it on, Kinfolk. I'm ready for you.

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