Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sailor's Wife's Lament

Stand by my window
stars tonight shine on me
on my love so far away
cold, here, no arms hold me
when I wake I’m still alone surrounded by families
all I can see are mommies and daddies
all I can see is the babies sitting
on their father’s laps
laughing in the sun
my daughter is loved
has a mother trying to fill the gap
how do I keep smiling when my heart breaks?
how will I tell her when she learns how to ask?
when the sea is cruel and wide
it lays between me and my heart


BeeBee said...

Hi - Just got to glimpse your blog (came across it through DOOCE). I'm a military SAHM too - have two girls 3yo and 5mo. Did sleep training recently and will happily tell you how I did it later if you like? So far it has worked on both girls....

Fireflower said...

I think we're getting the hang of it over here, but thanks and I'll keep it in mind if I get stuck!