Saturday, June 24, 2006

One Tired Toddler has morphed into Two Wheezy Cough Toddler. Lovely. She woke up coughing and as soon as we settled into the rocker with a bottle and some cold medicine, the tv blew a fuse.

While I know that this won't kill me, I'll admit that it felt that way as I envisioned a whole five days without living room tv. Then I remembered the set in the nursery. So I dragged that out, hooked it up, and now we've got a smallish tv nesting on top of the dead one. The warm glow of kids PBS is soothing to my spirit, and the prospect of the ability to share my day with my electric nanny is comforting. Although what that says about me, that I need the nanny for myself- I'm not sure. Tiff can take or leave it, she really doesn't notice the tv much. Her mother's the raving drooling lunatic wandering around craving her media fix.


CaerLiveSound said...

Whatever gets you through... we all have our vices, and tv is a lesser one. Now, if you were freaking out because your electric crack pipe had blown a fuse, then there would be cause for alarm.

Fireflower said...

I'm SO telling my Boy that you said that.

CaerLiveSound said...

Dude, don't blame ME. I've got enough trouble with MY boy over here.