Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wanted: One Life, Slightly Used

Obviously, I either have no life or am extremely addicted to the Net. Which according to a lot of people is the same thing... but there's no new Dooce today. There was no new Dooce yesterday. I feel the strangest co-dependant feeling tonight, like I've been stood up or something. Which is ridiculous, cause it's only a Webblog, and she's only a Mom just like me (only WAY cooler). It also means that Hello, She has a life, why don't I? Then that snarky part of my inner bitch comes back and says, Well She's got her husband home. If mine was here, I'd have better things to do too.

I just need a life. Some kind of social life that doesn't exist online. My life this weekend has consisted mainly of surfing various blogs. The equivalent of small talk. I don't even write about anything that interesting. I did read three books though, which I guess is impressive to some people. That I may not have a clean house but hey- I've been knitting, the Munchkin is clean and fed and happily asleep for the night, and I've read three books in two days.

Maybe it's just hormonal. Maybe it's a sign that I'm finally feeling like a person again. My brain has been asleep for so many months now that I am at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed. The week ahead of me has actual events penciled in. Things like playdates and okay, three doctor appts, but at least two of them are only a quick followup/checkin and the third one is a final wrapup. Library days, and playing in the sun with my Munchkin. Cool. Just keep telling myself that I need to be happy for what I have. Stop whining about what you're missing.

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