Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Morning Blues

My little Crib Potato is trying to live down the onesie that she slept in last night. She woke up at the early end of her morning. Since the sun has decided to sleep in today, it wasn’t even daylight out at 6 o’clock. It’s still not shining. I should file a complaint with the Better Baby Bureau. You know, the agency that regulates baby behavior and makes sure that they all act professionally?

I went in to get her up and she was standing at the edge of the crib. Holding on with two little chubby, grubby hands to the top bar and bouncing up and down in her glee. There was a loaded diaper to deal with. A three wipe, two diaper, diaper. That’s where the clean diaper that I was going to use gets soiled in transit… It took three wipes to clean us both up. This, from a child who normally gets one. I told her, “Listen, Babe. You need to sleep. Mommy’s tired today. We made a deal, that you sleep or play quietly until 7 on Saturdays. So that Mommy can lay in bed and read her book for half an hour before she has to get up.”

Her reaction? Giggles. Le Sigh. There’s no justice in my world this morning. Only a cup of lemon ginger tea to start the long trek back into the world of the awake.

My book for today:

I should finish it by tomorrow morning. The review will be posted then.

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