Saturday, June 10, 2006

the inner dialogue

Drinking a pot of chai before bed is probably not a good idea if I expected to spend any part of the night asleep. In the end I watched Mr and Mrs Smith on cable and knitted. Waiting for the caffeine demons to stop tangoing in my head. This is what I get for giving up my daily no-doz in the morning. My inner night owl is taking over.

Sometimes I think it would be neat to look inside and see the dramas playing out. There are a couple little kids, a melodramatic angsty teen, a polished and perfectly pressed administrative assistant. All with their own opinions and desires. Makes me think about the advice given to writers- use the emotion. Find a way to use everything. Eerily similar to the Penn Dutch saying, "Waste not, want not." How can I use the inner dialogues? Well, for starts they can make for some interesting posts. I can use it for training in motherhood. Being tough when it comes to those battles of will with a toddler who got half her DNA directly from me. She gets the other half from her Daddy, and although he'd like people to believe he is a calm and rational man I'm here to tell you that he's just as pigheaded as I am. This tends to make for some interesting discussions. Such as where the child gets her stubborn streak from. The part we didn't quite count on was that it's not a matter of doubling the trait. Stubborness is multiplied exponentially.

Ah well. She is still the cutest thing in the world. I adore her.

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