Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Book Review

The Copper Crown was the initial work that introduced us to the Keltic world, as envisioned by Patricia Kennealy. I first picked it up not expecting much, but because I liked the cover. Five pages in, I was hooked. This led me to picking up the other books as they were published, and I’ve managed to keep all of the series through annual moves and a lot of disorder.

It’s a remarkable book that lets me see it like a movie. She’s managed to create the world all over again with a complexity that I don’t find in many other series. I don’t know how she manages to be left off the list of epic writers. I can be completely transported into her novels, and there are two books in the series that never fail to break me down into tears every time I read them. And I’ve read them so often the spines are creased and the covers heavily worn.

So pick up a copy. They're getting harder to find since the book has been out of print for a while, and she never got around to writing a lot of them... but there are 8 books available of this glorious series, and you'll get a whole new world to dream of.

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