Monday, June 26, 2006

the toddler strikes back

Ever since we woke up this morning it's been GO GO GO for her. Into everything implies that there was a corner of the house that she hasn't already been. Climbing over stuff. Like Mama. Climbing up, pulling down, dunking my kotex in the toilet, and spinning the toilet paper roll are just a few of the things that she's been doing today.

I did finally manage to wrestle the laundry over. It's now clean, and shoved into the hamper where it will remain until after Tiffany's safely in bed and asleep for the night. I have to fold and put away and pack for our trip. Is it so wrong to want a few more hours in the day? We have just a few errands to do outside the house as well, but I don't know if I want to do them just yet.

Soon, now, I hope she'll be getting tired. Her snuffling is a bit better today. I'm trying to get her to drink lots of fluids and take cold medicine to dry it up, because the last thing she's going to want is to get an ear infection on the plane tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting off the plane in PA. Where my Mama will make it better, and give me a hug, and take care of my baby so that I can sleep.

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