Wednesday, June 21, 2006

note to self

I'm nuts. Certifiable. Completely whacked. And even though this is One Tired Toddler, she does not want to go to sleep. Or should I say, Especially Because she's so tired. So why does this connect to my first statement?

I want another one.

My God, I'm insane. To want to face the toddler years in unison with a newborn. To want to face the challenges that will likely come with another preemie. The reflux, the doctors, the endless nights of colic and reflux in joint motion... I should just soak all my shirts in sour milk right now so that I can get used to the smell.

The goldfish cracker budget is hurting this week. I'm looking at buying tickets for my mother, my motherinlaw, it seems sometimes as though I'm financing the entire world. Out of love. I wish I didn't have to, I wish everybody was rich and could be giving me money instead of my trying to squeeze pennies. In token of this, if you've enjoyed even one thing on this site, leave a tip at the door.

Smartass-y comments are always welcome.

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