Monday, September 10, 2007

After all I posted about not being able to sleep or needing sleep, I woke up exhausted this morning. Is this just another sign of the Little Bit making his/her presence known? Were there parties happening in my uterus that I was not invited to in the wee hours? Because if there were, this child is SO grounded.

While I was pregnant with the Toddler I often informed her that she was grounded. After bad nights or particularly long/painful kicking and puking sessions, I would sternly glare at my belly and ground her. After she would spend an entire OB appt hiding from the doctor, leading me to panic at the doctor's carefully non-reactive expressions and necessitating simple ultrasound readings to determine that yes, there was still a baby in there, I would inform the Boy that either I needed a stiff drink or the child was grounded.

It did very little good except to make me feel better. Today, I find the same results apply.

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Mike Adamick said...

Grounded. I like it -- very funny.

Mike at cry it out!