Friday, September 07, 2007

I often end up moving to new places and spending most of the time living there stuck at home. Why? Because I don't know what's good, either by way of local shops or restaurants. I don't know what I should avoid or seek out. I hate finding out by accident. If I lived in London I could find out easily which london restaurants to eat at. At the very least, I would be getting some honest opinions and commentary to start from. Maybe a place is really good but I showed up on a bad day? How would I know? I wouldn't- and without an incentive to try them again I'd avoid the place like the plague for fear of getting the same service.

Where I'm living now, on the West Coast, I could access a couple major cities that I'd be likely to want to visit. My Boy likes to travel, and often wishes that I'd be more open to going. Hey, if this site lets me get some feedback on the city in question before committing to hotels, traveling, and eating/sightseeing while there, I'm much more inclined to say "yes" instead of "are you freaking kidding me? with our kid(s)?" Life was easier before kids, in terms of traveling arrangements. Life is more complicated but potentially more fun after having the kids. Sites like this one are perfect for people like me who hate to go into unknown situations blind and have somewhat limited means/resources to find out what we so badly want/need to know before committing to the journey.

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