Saturday, September 29, 2007

A friend of mine recently asked about how she could meet someone who shared her interests without having go hang out in wierd bars. I referred her over to a site where she could check out biker personals without having to leave the comfort and safety of her own kitchen. Which is good. Online dating is easy, relatively safe as long as you follow standard don't be a moron rules, and "biker dating" can be a fun way for a normally straitlaced girl to go out and explore a looser side of life. So often the outer impression of a person fails to reflect what's really there. I know that I've been guilty of taking the surface for granted- if the surface doesn't seem like someone I'd want to know I try to stay again from them. On the rare days I've been able to really talk with people who I'd normally stay away from I'm often surprised at how much we do have in common with one another.

Another instance of letting the dustcover define the book inside it. How many books do we pass up without giving it a chance? How many times are we surprised, pleasantly, to find something that really speaks to us deep down? The love of your life could be waiting for you, in a somewhat offputting package. Look under the surface and let your destiny find you.

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