Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Everyone goes paperless these days. Healthcare, education (hah! I wish!), why not mortgages? Paperless closing makes it easier; since reams and reams of documents have to be created, it's actually easier for the environment and the administrators to keep them as paperless as possible.

These days electronic closing uses SmartDocs, based on XML which enables the base form and the filled in information to be stored separately. This process simplifies portions of the application process and gets rid of others! Think of it- a kinder, simpler application process. One which does not require hundreds of reams of innocent paper to be sacrificed. One that doesn't keep you pinned in a banker's office for hours and hours and hours on a beautiful day. And best of all... when you leave you can carry your copy on a CD in your pocket. Not in a huge cardboard box which will strain your neck and throw out your back.

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