Friday, September 07, 2007

Pills to bring me up, pills to bring me down. No pills to magically wave a wand over my physical/mental slump and make it better. Come to think of it, the only thing that seems to help is burying myself in the pillows. Preferably with a cool drink on tap. And a clean bathroom to run to.

I've got caffeine through my body trying to keep me awake. I've got decongestants trying to clear my nose enough to breathe through all the mucus. I've got Juice trying to keep me hydrated.

I've got hormones run wild, forming legions of unruly wild-haired pregnant dreams in my brain. I'm half-hysterical and all weepy when I have to interact with society. I'm crying because I'm just borderline functional today. I want that damned magic wand to wave and make something better. At least bring in a paid post or two so I can think ahead to making next month's books balance.

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Pollyanna said...

Oh, hon, sounds like a tough week! Any chance of you getting a nap, or getting to bed early tonight? That would probably help a lot more than caffeine. Some protein with just a little bit of carbs is also a good pick-me-up--cheese and an apple, peanut butter toast, etc. And definitely try to stay hydrated. It's good for your cold and for your energy levels, and of course for the little one.

You might also try a steamy shower--good for the sinuses, relaxing, etc. By yourself if you can, or even bring the toddler in with you. My little one loves to play around with his toys on the floor while Mommy showers; in fact, he rarely wants to get out when I'm done. "More water! More water!"