Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another hot, stinking day in which I have no real motivation to either leave the house or to do anything. Including but not limited to- cooking, cleaning, tidying, or getting up off my butt.

So what have I done? Read a lot. Tried to nap, although I couldn't really because it was just too hot and bright in the bedroom- I did drop off a little bit but not enough. I need to do some needlework at some point, but I don't feel like doing that either. Maybe at some point I will. Maybe not.


Pollyanna said...

So what did you read? Anything good? It's so hard to motivate yourself to go anywhere when it's so ridiculously hot. Hang in there--summer can't last forever.

Fireflower said...

Yesterday I read Cardington Crescent and Half Moon Street by Anne Perry. Today I'm reading Farrier's Lane. And my bible study book. And the Net. And about fifteen billion board and picture books.

Tomorrow, the world!