Sunday, September 09, 2007


Do you ever feel that we're all just here for someone else's amusement? Today I've tipped between cranky and contented, and to be perfectly honest my head is spinning from how bizarre it all seemed. Now it's nighttime. The Toddler is down for sleep for the night. The Boy is down for the night as well. I appear to have slept my body out in the past couple of weeks- now I'm so seriously Not Sleepy that I could likely stay up all night tonight and function perfectly well tomorrow.

Not that I'm going to try that experiment. I have the hunch that it would not end well. Besides the more normal wonkiness, there is the hormonal and pregnant wonkiness to consider. I'm a natural night-person, true. I'm also married to a natural morning-person and mother to a morning-person, and while I may think from time to time fond thoughts of "what if the new baby is a night-person?" those thoughts are, ultimately, not a Good Thing. Because the night time hours are now Mine. I came to rely on my Toddler waking and sleeping early because that meant the evening was mine. She may have been stubborn about naps and daytime downtime, but she was exhausted by the time the evening rolled around. Then she would sleep. Then I would have a few hours of uninterrupted me-time before I could go to bed.

And I'm making almost less sense than normal. I should go now. Go and have a snack and then get all the way into my jammies and go to bed.

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