Friday, September 14, 2007

Went thrifting today! Finally, all systems and energy levels were coordinated for this! We hit two stores (alright, that's not a lot, but still... for me and Toddler and Gram it was a lot). The first place was having a sale. I have given up figuring out how thrift shops organize their sales and final prices. Every time and every place I've been since moving to Hanford have used the marked prices as a general guideline. Never more than the sticker, but almost never that price. So at the first place I scored two nice dresses. One was the knit jumper style that I love and have been mourning ever since the death of the nice black knit jumper that I got handmedown and wore out over the following ten years. This one is white, has some buttons in the back, and has little daisy flowers embroidered all over it. That's really the only difference. The other was more of a sunday dress in peach. Both were marked $2.50, I paid $1.24 for both together. So who can tell?

The second store had a hooded sweatshirt jacket for Tiff, a seersucker romper in pale green and blue with Peter Rabbit embroideries for the Little Bit, and a Dr Seuss book. I paid $2 and a bit for all of that. To be fair, I didn't bother checking the marked prices on those before checking out (bad thrifty mama) because I had been so shocked at the markdown at the first store.

I came home, immediately changed into the nice new white knit jumper, and am feeling horribly comfortable already. The Boy was right when he told me this morning that I needed to go out and buy something for myself. He usually is. I should listen to him more often.

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