Sunday, September 30, 2007

A sweet little day this has been. I got the Toddler down for her nap, and tried to fall asleep. A short while later I discovered that I couldn't sleep. Because my boobs itched. Because I had acquired a bra full of cereal bar crumbs.

Such is the life of a mother. Especially one with such cleavage that it apparantly encourages small children not only to rest their heads on it, but to use it as a special secret storage space for all sorts of snacks. (try saying that ten times fast)

This is not the first time I've found things in there. It won't be the last. Today it was funny, usually it means I need to resist the urge to undress outside where I can shake all those crumbs out for the birds instead of leaving them strewn over the carpet to lure sugar ants. It could be worse.

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Lisa said...

I've been known to find all kinds of goodies in my bra! hahaha! Even hay - after feeding MIL's horses! LOL!