Monday, September 03, 2007

We may finally be getting that sideboard for the living room that I've been dreaming of! A friend is letting us come over this morning and take a look at a piece that's been sitting in her garage for some time collecting dust. Oh, I hope this works out! So much fun. I could actually have a local home number to plug in and screen my calls again.

The Toddler had a very rough night, as compared to the past week of beautiful night-sleeping. I feel bad for her. I feel worse for us. At least there were three adults to get up with her, none of us took more than two turns.

This morning is a quiet morning. A very quiet morning. Let us all pause and reflect that it's a gorgeous Labor Day weekend, the summer vacation season is now officially over, and we have stepped into a brand new school/academic year. Despite what the local districts think, what with them starting so early and all... call me prejudiced, but the school year rules I follow are still stuck on what the district I grew up in followed. School starts the day after Labor Day. School ends the week of my birthday. In the middle are a handful of tenderly cherished snow days. Not that I expect to see snow days here, but a girl can dream, can't she?

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