Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nowadays everybody's living longer. Not only do you have to think ahead financially, but one has to consider romance. Seniors aren't dead from the heart down. Really. Part of a well-balanced and rounded life has got to include romance, "companionship", and a host of other things. But where to go to find these things? - "senior dating" is a good place to start. Especially if you haven't been out on the dating scene for a while. Gone are the days when all that was available were smoky bars or flourescent-lit senior center mingles for "senior dating"- not that there's anything wrong with them if they're your taste. I just don't know many people who would want to.

Who are senior singles? They are the people at church, at the store, anywhere you go. Maybe they aren't comfortable going out publically to meet people. Maybe they're more comfortable and feel safer chatting with someone over the computer before committing to meetup in real time. Nothing wrong with that at all. The thing is, you can't sit home alone and lonely waiting for a knock on your door. Do what you can in your comfort zone to reach out and find someone today. Who knows? A new life might await.

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